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Unplanned 🅱️ 🅱️ fucking Ricky i get so close fucking him ❗I KNEW I WAS GOING 2 CUM so quick & wanted to cum inside him❗ I cum unexpectedly (well unexpected to him- lol) NONE OF this pulling it out and tossing it off for ages -Nah - not this time !! ITS SO HORNY MAN -😱 I go right from fucking to spunking over his arse and then ram in back in with spunk everywhere - HOW IT CAME ABOUT? I go to meet our sexy top boy Ricky on my communal stairs of the council flat we live in - he knows ive arrange a fuck for him and me, this REALLY sexy bottom model lad - big muscles 💪 - really handsome Stunning arse! I wanted to make it ‘Rock Hard’ so we can just walk in the flat, pull our trackies down, cum up this boy and Go. ✅ Me n Ricky storm the flat and fuck that lad rotten, which is horny as fuck as it is but then As that sexy bottom lad went to the toilet I asked that REALLY FUCKING 🔥 Spainish 🇪🇸 lad Ricky if he would ever get fucked by me (cos his SO MY TYPE - really fucking cute) We leave all the cams on so you can see how it goes down- all 100% REAL He said yeah sure and hinting like we could even do it now - I don’t fuck about - I jump right and spit on it and start fucking him legs in the air -then push him over on his side so we are now both spooning IM NEVER PULLING OUT OF THIS ARSE (well a-little for you to 👀 then quickly get it back in there) Then - no word of a lie, With my cum up his arse Ricky then grabs that boy we were both fucking and takes his hornyness out on him - ITS AMAZING They both cum so much - TRUST ME - this is all REAL and 💯 % horny as Fuck . Your going to love it - I keep going back to this video to re watch it over n over ⏯ 🎯 Seriously Horny 🎯 - GET THIS VID - FYI - I cum at 13 mins and leave my Spunk hanging out his bum I didn’t now that HOT Ricky boy would get fucked and def didn’t think it was ok to just do it there n then - BEST time EVER
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