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Young Oliver is excited to be in Scoutmaster Fantana's office to take the Pledge of the Elite Scout, but after he delivers his oath of duty and obedience, he's told to remove his clothes, and a thorough inspection of his anatomy follows. Soon, Scoutmaster Fantana is naked as well and his wide, heavy cock is pressing against the boy's virgin hole. Scout Oliver pulls away from the man slightly, gasping at the new sensation when the head of Scoutmaster Fantana's club-like cock pops in, but Oliver's gasps turn to moans and he pushes back against the man. When Scoutmaster Fantana flips Oliver onto his back and presses back inside, the scout feels like his hole is being stretched to its limit. The boy can't help but reach forward to feel Scoutmaster Fantana's smooth, hard pecs and abs, and the physical attention triggers something in the man. His thrusts become harder, deeper, and more urgent. The man pulls out, and his massive cock head spews a huge load of cum all over the boy's lower abs.
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