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As much as Jonathan wanted to let Dr. Wolf sleep in, he wanted attention and affection as well as his daddy's big dick...Jonathan crawled under the covers, cuddling up to Legrand and tempting him with every trick he had. Dr. Wolf knew he couldn't resist anymore when Jonathan pressed his cute little butt up against his monster morning wood. He didn't want to concede defeat, but he knew the battle of wills was lost the moment his boy pressed his lips to his own.As Jonathan worked his daddy's cock, Legrand felt his muscles come alive, catching up to his heart and his loins. He could sense Jonathan's hunger to be bred and his body's response to acquiesce. Jonathan took Legrand's lead, obeying as his daddy told him to straddle his wet cock.Legrand guided the boy down on his massive tool, feeling his boy's tight hole break apart and take him in slowly and gently. Jonathan was so eager before, but now he trembled as he felt the fullness of his old man enter him...
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