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Mr. Armstrong got out of the shower, drying himself off, feeling the steam of the bathroom keeping his skin warm. As he walked into the living room, he saw Austin lying on a stool, legs up and ass adorably lifted.He looked like a beautiful sculpture! Mr. Armstrong sat behind him in an armchair, watching him as he perked up with each thrilling moment of his game. As he did, his butt would clench and relax, driving the older man wild.He couldn't resist going in for a touch, horned up from the sight of his sweet cheeks exposed in his jockstrap. Mr. Armstrong would do anything for his handsome boy, but right now he needed to take him!Stroking his boy's cock, he watched as it slowly built up in size and girth. Even though Austin had his eyes locked on the TV, Mr. Armstrong knew his daddy's touch would stir up his desire to be fucked...Feeling Austin's insides plunge down over him, Mr. Armstrong gripped the boy's hips as he fucked him deeper and harder. It's not until he gets a fatal game over that he resigns himself to being the good boy his daddy needs him to be. Legs spread, hole open, and gripping onto the stool, Austin feels his prostate get pummelled by his daddy's giant meat!
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