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As soon as Dr. Wolf walked into the room, Caleb felt his heart race. The handsome man stood almost a foot and half taller than him. Even as the doctor sat down beside him, he was practically eye level! This became even more clear as he was being measured, coming up well below the man's shoulders.When Caleb had to strip down, his raging erection was on full display. Dr. Wolf smiled, knowing exactly what Caleb was feeling. It wasn't uncommon for his young, horny patients to get a little aroused, especially when they got excited by his size...Caleb couldn't believe he was being touched so intimately. The older man's hands caressed his genitals, teasing his cock and balls as he inspected them. He was so hungry for it, he couldn't help leaking pre-cum out onto the doctor's hands. He wanted to finally lose his virginity and get fucked by his handsome doctor! Luckily, Dr. Wolf was happy to oblige...
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