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Master Dallas and Master Legrand are good friends and have formed a special bond as buyers. They love the rush of owning a boy and recounting their exploits with one another. And while they respect each other's ownership, Legrand can't help but be a little jealous of Dallas' new boy, River...Thankfully, Dallas isn't a greedy master! He's happy to share his new boy toy with his good friend, knowing that the two can have a lot of fun sharing his piece of property. The two retreat to Master Dallas' play room, taking the young boy out of his cage for a little bit of bareback fun.The two older men take turns getting their cocks sucked, turning each other on as the young boy services them both.With all their sexual energy building, Legrand can't help but find his own buddy to be incredibly hot, taking a turn on his tight daddy hole while his boy rides his massive cock!
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