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Master Ballard was eager to test Jay's skills and hunger. The moment they were alone, he could finally see the young man fully accept his role and position. Being a submissive and a slave was what he needed... He felt complete having his autonomy taken away. He no longer had to fight to make it work. He could just be who he was meant to be.Jay knelt before Master Ballard, gazing upon his massive cock as he took off his master's clothes. He stretched his mouth open as wide as he could, taking his daddy in as deep as his jaw would allow. Ballard could see him struggle, unable to receive all that he had to give.It's not a new experience for a boy to have a hard time sucking his cock, but what he loved most about this moment was the boy's unwavering commitment to try and make it happen. He knew his job was to make his master happy. To please him and satisfy him... And he would not stop until his master told him to do so...Master Ballard laid him on his stomach, eager to see his tight hole presented for him. He carefully guided his wet cock between the boy's cheeks, pushing slowly and steadily inward.The pressure from his manhood could only be seen as a small assault on his slave's body, building in intensity on his soft, delicate hole. He went slowly, easing his way until he felt his body succumb to his size and take him in completely...
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