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Master Legrand loves Danny's cute, smooth, compact little body. His sweet, boyish face and round, bubble butt drive him wild! He's like a soft little toy he can play with and explore. But more than the physical, Danny's got a spirit that is unique and rare...Like a lost baby lamb, Danny is hungry for guidance and shepherding. He wants to be told what to do, freed from his anxiety and indecision. He wants to be dominated and cared for; something Master Legrand loves more than anything else.Even with his sweet appearance, the tall, hung master still has his aggressive urges. After a delicate training session, he slides his cock deep into the boy's beautiful hole, watching as it swallows up each girthy inch.With Danny moaning and gripping the sheets, the dominant master fucks the young bottom hard to show him just what's expected of him. And Danny can only hold tight as his cock leaks pre-cum into the bed below, waiting to be filled with his master's load!
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