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As Bishop approaches, he can see Austin stir, excited and eager to be set free. Austin's not scared or anxious, just ready. He's trained well, and knows that he's at his happiest when he's put to work serving his master...Master Bishop's first order of business is having Austin take his clothes off. Seeing his lean body stretch to gently remove his suit and accessories is enough to get the blood pumping into Bishop's cock!As each article gets removed, he feels it swell in his underwear, eager to be taken out and worshipped.Austin knows what to do, only needing the slightest instruction on how to fold and care for my expensive pieces. But when it comes to my cock, the most valuable piece of all, he takes it to naturally and without error.As he gets him harder, Bishop wastes no time in bending him over, mounting Austin so he can take his cock. It's what he wants and Austin knows just how to take it...
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