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The task is soon complete, and Scoutmaster Angus suggests some well deserved relaxation and invites the boys back to his tent. The lessons are not actually over for the day though. Scoutmaster Angus waylays Scout Mark for a wellness inspection that involves being bent against a tree for an oral examination of the boy's anus. Scout Mark gets full points for the accommodation of the scoutmaster's girthy erection. Meanwhile, Scout Ian returns for his hiking party passing an important test--leaving no man behind. Back at the tent, Scoutmaster Angus observes the boys' willingness to serve their fellow man with the removal of one another's clothes and kisses of affirmation followed by further anal training. The scoutmaster mounts them, one after the other and back again, to test their concentration, coordination, and adaptability. Scoutmaster Angus is an attentive teacher and wants both boys to succeed. The tent is filled with manly grunts and boyish moans and the scouts are well on their way to learning how to please a man. Scoutmaster Angus soon unloads healthy ropes of semen on Scout Mark's abdomen and genitals, and his final lesson for the day is showing the boys how ejaculate can be used as a lubricant to enter the anus of each boy in turn.
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