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Spike gets a lot of action in this movie, and, after his previous bit topping hot Bobby Black, he's the one on the receiving end of some fistplay in this scene. Sultry Frank Sylvano is the lucky guy who gets to feed his hands into Spike's hole, pushing the digits from both hands up into the deep recesses of Spike's cavity until he is able to work his entire fist up there. Spike pushes his rosebud back out, showing Sylvano how ready he is for more, and the dark-headed stud is only too happy to give it to him. He works half his forearm into Spike's hole easily, encountering no resistance at all. After several minutes of this, Spike gets himself up onto a work surface so that he can put his legs up in the air and Sylvano can fist him from a new angle. Sylvano continues to feed Spike's cherry red hole for several more minutes, at times pausing to spread the hole wide open and stare into his gaping socket.
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