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Owen Forte was back in town, and ready to play. Piotr said he likes toys, so I got them setup with some dildos. They both picked some thick toys, and they tried them out on each other while sucking each other's cocks. I think Piotr's dildo was thicker, so Owen had to start slow. But, in next to no time, Owen had it wedged up his hole while Owen sucked on him. After stretching Piotr's hole, Owen rimmed his ass and showed him how good of a cocksucker he was. Both guys know how to deep throat! They 69 suck each other, and then take a double-ended dildo as they sat across from each other stroking their dicks. Owen uses his hand to jam the dildo back and forth between their asses. This gets them both really close. Owen cums first, followed seconds later by Piotr's load. PERFECT TIMING! Owen pulls the toy from both their asses, and then licks up Piotr's cum, finally sharing a cum-soaked kiss!
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