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I have to admit, I fell in love with Sam again. When he came back recently, he looked amazing. He has been dieting and doing a hardcore workout routine, and is doing it naturally. His body rocks with amazing pecs and shoulders! It is impressive in person. I had him back recently, and he topped, but I also know he likes to get fucked on occasion. As long as the cock is not HUGE, he can enjoy it. I thought Kyle would be perfect with him. I did try to encourage Kyle to try bottoming. He has been trying out some butt toys over at PeepShow.tv, but you can tell even with the smaller toys, he is struggling to get them all the way inside. So, I am going stick with Kyle topping and maybe down the line, he will want to try bottoming. He sure is a good Top, so no complaints in that department. I also seem to have a lot of Bottoms right now, another reason I haven't been pushing for him to switch things up. These two look amazing together, and you won't be disappointed!
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