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This video started out as a Serviced video. Tony Romero was kicked-back and ready to have his cock serviced by Jacob Jax. Jacob played with his cock through Tony's shorts. Then he pulled out Tony's dick and started stroking it. Despite cumming the day before, Tony was feeling extra sensitive and horny this day. Jacob then started sucking his cock with enthusiasm and Tony began to writhe with pleasure. Jacob then jousted their cocks together and Tony got a good look at Jacob's nice cock. Hmmmm that might just fit nicely in his hole. After some sword fighting, Jacob started rimming Tony. The lights went on for Tony. It was really turning him on! So, Jacob flipped him doggie-style and continued to rim. Jacob really wanted inside his hole, while Tony was making every indication he wanted to be fucked. Jacob lubed him up and slowly slid his cock in. After a little bit of negotiating the insert, Tony took it like a champ! We just kept going from there! Next, Tony rode Jacob's dick, while Jacob couldn't believe he was being ridden by a straight guy. I had mentioned to Jacob before, despite him identifying as straight, Tony had already realized having his prostate rammed was an amazing sensation. I told Jacob to not be surprised if Tony wanted to try being fucked again. Once Tony was on his back, he was ready to cum, and it took very little effort for him to bust his nut. Jacob followed Tony's orgasm with one of his own, breeding his straight boy hole. I think Tony is a lot more confident in bed with a guy, and really has a great time. He wants to try topping, so as of this writing, I have him setup to do a flip-fuck video. This was a nice unexpected surprise that turned into a super-hot fuck film!
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