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How did this happen? How did Pip go from being the fresh- faced newbie to an “old hand” trainer? I guess the phrase “they grow up so fast” doesn’t just apply to children. For the fuddy duddys out there who don’t appreciate Jerome’s antics start watching the clip at the three-minute mark and you’ll miss Jerome.Filling the role of fresh faced twink for this video is the hung Hungarian Riff who starts off unsure of what to make of Pip’s affections. One thing that has not changed about Pip is his love for huge cocks- like the one possessed by Riff. Pip’s enthusiasm proves contagious and soon Riff is fucking like he’s the old pro.Pip’s performance is, as always, outstanding. A cute partner and a big dick are all that’s needed to send him to heaven- and bring us along for the ride.
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