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🚘 Drive around look for lads to fuck in the back seat- all the hottest, cutest lads can never accommodate so the car is going to cum in well handy We had so many offers but most lads don’t wanna be on cam 🎥 :( They all wanna fuck though - We say we can only meet up if we can film them (Always thinking of u guys) .lol Get talking with This boy…REALLY cute - was such a chav -and dead up 4 it He ‘Came waring Adidas dressed up to the nines’👟 -SO HOT 🩸 Then We all drive🚦 to a local business park just of the A2, so we can get his kit off - it was in the middle of a heat wave ♨️ Josh starts filming - We get his dick out of his trackies and give it a good smell :) MAKES ME SO HARD- This sexy cunt is going to get it ❗❗ After sucking my nob in the car, I push him threw the car widow and fuck him silly - We bend this sexy, young, gold chain ⛓ wearing chav over the car bonnet and shag him (josh sucks him off) 🔅 I know I also say this but I was so close to blowing it inside him the whole time !! That’s how I know someone is FIT. Lol I Ride him Bare, ❤️ feeling my cock in him RAW I wank one out and shoot a MASSIVE LOAD over his back and shove it back as as its still spunking! WOW ITS REALLY HOT GUYS! 😛 After im sat back in the seat of the car and I can see his cum soaked arse and can’t help myself, I get back up and poke my finger in and feel my cum inside him. This vid makes me rock hard. 🚥 So ive got this new car now - its a 2014 A class - we are going to do it right up so ive changed the bonnet (hood) to a carbon fiber light weight - im going to change to exhaust when I get more money and also put on a spoiler. We have needed a car for ages so now if u wanna meet up and can’t travel we can drive to you + ive stopped drinking altogether now coz it was getting a bit outta hand, so can drive more now - we are not fussy we will fuck anyone who’s up4 it
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