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When Aaron Trainer returns from a weekend retreat, he can't stop talking about what a good time it was, but all boyfriend Atlas Grant can think about is Aaron's dick. He wishes he could've gone, but now that his man is back, he intends to make up for lost time, and he quickly strips Aaron out of his jeans. Aaron realizes it's like that, and he shifts gears, giving Atlas the hard dicking he's been missing. After fucking Atlas' throat until he's nice and hard, he bends Atlas over and fucks him from behind, occasionally pulling out and teasing Atlas' hole with his tongue, before shoving his cock back in and pounding harder and harder. This is what Atlas has been waiting for, and as Aaron fucks him all over the bed, he can barely contain himself, finally letting loose with his load as Aaron pulls out and gives him the splash of attention he's so desperate for.Enjoy!
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