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Eventually the Master wants more, and he commands young Mark to climb onto the bed and take his position on his hands and knees. Knowing how horny this boy is to be used, Master Divino delays his reward, stroking his body and letting his fingers linger on the most sensitive areas. Seeing the desperate desire in his eyes, Master Divino gives him the slightest nod, and Mark mounts him, positioning the leaking cock right at the entrance to his tight hole. Master Divino flips him onto his side for a deeper fuck. Feeling the sensations welling up, he postpones cumming until he has Mark on his hands and knees. Still wearing his jockstrap, Mark is obediently refusing to touch his aching dick as Master Divino slams into him over and over, the orgasm building as his balls tighten until he squirts stream after stream of hot cum in the boy's hole. That's enough for Mark to climax, hands free, into his jockstrap, the boy semen leaking out of the thin material.
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