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Blake Mitchell's return to Camp CockyBoys continues as he finally gets to play out a fantasy with Nico Leon! Blake surprises and delights Nico with dreamy set-up: a big, inviting bed in the woods. Just like that they sweetly make out on the bed with Blake's lips and hands making their way down Nico's ripped torso. He traces every muscle until he finally opens Nico's shorts to suck his growing cock. Nico basks in Blake's oral & tactile until he sits up to kiss him back more passionately. Soon though he wants Blake's big uncut cock in his mouth and positions himself on his back to receive it. After feeding Nico and face-fucking him, Blake swivels him around to tongue fuck him. He soon makes a smooth transition to sliding his cock into Nico and thrusting deep into the moaning bottom.Blake pounds Nico and spurred by his vocal responses, he goes harder and grips his neck Blake also gives Nico some control to sit on his cock and ride Blake as he pleases. Blake loves it but in time takes the wheel again to fuck Nico from the side. He soon can't hold back any more and pulls out to cream over Nico's hole and slide back into him. Nico is on the edge too and as he lies back Blake's mere touch make him erupt in a thick load. And after remarking how amazing that was, Blake and Nico lie in each other's arms and drift off to sleep.
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