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Bentley Layne wins again in another Serviced video! With Kyle Bryant, we had yet another newbie straight guy. But this time, I think he might be more willing to push his limits in future videos. Mainly, because this video went so well. He has more confidence. When asked, Kyle did say that he could easily cum from a blow-job or hand-job. So, I felt certain Bentley could pull a load out of him. Bentley sucks his cock, toying with it a bit, but you could tell when Bentley included some hand-action, along with him mouth, that Kyle would squirm around getting close. Kyle didn't pay too much attention to the porn, he only glanced at it on occasion. I really liked that he was 'present' during the blow-job. He seemed a little ticklish while getting rimmed, but he liked having his cock stroked backwards. Bentley had him get up on his knees and sucked his cock at a good angle. Kyle got a little close, so Bentley asked him to lay back down to see if he could make him cum. Sure enough, with some extra sucking and lot of jerking, Kyle busted a huge flying load! It literally shoots over his head, and he nearly gave himself a facial. Most of the load made ropes of cum all up down his torso. This dude is a shooter! Eager to get him back to see how well he does with fucking a guy!
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