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With the boys busy, Adam studying, David looking at a catalogue, and Casper looking at some hot boys in a book. David undoubtedly is bored, and want's to spice up the boring situation he is in, so he rubs his foot on Adam's bulge! David and Adam both know that Casper is too hot to be left alone, so they go over to the sofa to have some fun with him. You could say that Casper is like a fish in water, as he knows exactly what the boys want of him, and he is eager to comply! David is quick to get his hands, and mouth around Caspers dick, and he in turn returns the favour by sucking his cock, whilst he has his sucked by Adam. Adam gets his fair share of sucking also, as both boys go and take turns licking and sucking his cock and balls. Obviously this isn't going to be just a suck show, Casper's hole is begging for a fuck, and it goes without saying that Adam is more than willing to give him one! David too want's to get his dick in a hole, and Adam is the lucky one! But you could say that Adam is double lucky this time round, as whilst he's getting some from David, he in turn continues fucking Casper!
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